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In 1987, the artists of Pangnirtung established the Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association to assist in the creation and marketing of their arts and crafts. From the moment when the Uqqurmiut (the people of the leeside) first opened the doors of their new Craft Gallery in 1991, the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts immediately became the primary vehicle for the Inuit artisans of Pangnirtung to exhibit and market their arts and crafts offerings.

Pangnirtung crafts range from warm woolen clothing (hats, scarves mitts, amautik ties, sweaters, wraps, and kamiks), to cozy blankets, to traditional Inuujaaq dolls, to well-crafted jewellery made of indigenous materials (caribou antler, ivory, baleen and bone), to Innianguaq embroidered wall hangings, to small carvings in stone, antler, and other indigenous materials.

Each item sold through the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts carries the unique “Three Ptarmigans” tag, your guarantee that your purchase is an authentic and genuine hand-made craft from the Arctic Circle, created by an Inuit artist from the community of Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, within the new Canadian Territory of Nunavut (Our Land).
Visitors are always very welcome, both to the Centre itself and to this website.

There are many mail-order catalogues and many e-commerce websites, but we feel ours are unique. What makes us special is that “we make what we sell.” Our crafts are made right in the community of Pangnirtung. As well, because the Uqqurmiut have ownership and control of the Centre for Arts & Crafts in Pangnirtung, we are able to benefit directly. The company which has put together this website to tell you about Pangnirtung’s fine arts and fine crafts is controlled by the artists themselves – the Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association.

Buying from us is like buying directly from an Inuit artist. This has advantages for everyone. For you, our valued customer, there is the opportunity to deal directly with Inuit artists whose work often is “discovered” only by those who are able to visit the Arctic. For us, the advantage is getting to know you directly, to learn about who buys our arts and crafts, and why, and about how we can be more successful in the future.

If there is something you’re looking for that you can’t find here on our website, drop us a line (e-mail us) and let us know – perhaps we can help you locate its source. Please note that we can also fulfill special orders. So please send us your comments, craft ideas and suggestions – and, of course, your orders for Pangnirtung arts and crafts!

Our line of warm, colorful and stylish woolen clothing and blankets:

Famous Crocheted Pang Hats and Headbands (100% wool)

  • Long and Chic Hand-Woven Scarves (100% wool)
  • Gauntlet-style Knitted Pualik Mitts (100% wool with faux-fur  lining)
  • Comfy Hand-Embroidered Kamik Slippers (100% heavy-weight cotton duffle with fur trim)
  • A Warm Local Favorite – Hand-Embroidered Mitts (100% heavy-weight cotton duffle with fleece lining and fur trim)
  • Our new Inukshuk Apres Ski sweater (100% Lopi wool)
  • Luxurious and elegant Inukshuk Cardigan (100% mohair with hand embroidered Inukshuk design)
  • Cozy Hand-woven blankets (100% wool)
  • Stylish Ptarmigan shawl/scarf with matching hat (100% soft worsted wool)

In addition, we make:

  • Innianguaq Hand-Embroidered Wall Hangings (Unique Arctic Designs)
  • Hand-made Jewellery (Brooches, Earrings, Pendants and Rings)
  • Small Carvings of all kinds (including Kayakers by Danny Etooangat)
  • Traditional Tools, Ulus and Snow Goggles (Traditional Inuit Sunglasses)