The Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association

The Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association was incorporated in 1988 as a fully Inuit-owned and Inuit-run organization with a clear mission:

“To serve Pangnirtung artists and the community of Pangnirtung, to keep all of their arts and culture alive, and to ensure their full participation and control by creating employment and training opportunities for artists, providing a central place for the creation and marketing of art, contributing to local tourism, and providing an art archive to preserve the art for future generations.”

As a non-profit organization, the UIAA is not a business but is a major shareholder in the activities of The Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts. All in all, the UIAA is concerned with social, educational and cultural objectives, as well as economic self-sustainability.

In 1990, as a vehicle for carrying out their mission, the UIAA began construction on the buildings for Phase I of the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts. These buildings have a unique northern design, situated in a cluster that resembles the traditional circular tents of old Inuit settlements and the interconnected nature of a large igloo. The buildings are located on the site where the old “weave shop“ structure was previously situated and consist of three distinct aspects: a 2100-square-foot Tapestry Studio, a 1400-square-foot Craft Gallery, and a 2300-square-foot Print Shop. The Tapestry Studio and Craft Gallery are the oldest aspects of the structure completed in 1991, with a separate Print Shop building being added as Phase II of the UIAA building plan and completed in 1994, after the original print shop burned to the ground in 1993.

The Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association retains ownership of the buildings, which it leases to the business operation for a nominal fee.

The Current Members of UIAA Board of Directors:

  • Jacopie Maniapik, Chairperson
  • Marlene Angnakak Vice-Chairperson
  • Geetee Maniapik, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Noah Manasie
  • Jaco Ishulutaq
  • Towkie Karpik
  • Jaco Qaqasiq